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The Sustainability Project

We work with people to build the communities they love.


We work with Councils to help manage large infrastructure projects.

Asset Management

We develop asset management plans and support those plans to ensure compliance and good stewardship.

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"When the Town of Kipling decided to undertake a housing assessment needs study, Lorri's knowledge and professionalism was able to secure the funding needed to see the project move ahead. It was a pleasure to work with her."

Gail Daku
CAO of Town of Kipling

Welcome to Solomon~Matthewson Consulting and the Sustainability Project.

Our business is working with people to help them build the communities they love.


We are the connectors, the money raisers, the researchers, the investment seekers and the dream builders. I believe supports to communities can, and should be tailored to the community; their needs, their gifts and their goals. Creativity, community engagement and accountability are an important part of the process.

There are hundreds of small towns, communities, villages and hamlets in our Prairie Provinces. These communities provide:
  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • A highly valued quality of life
  • Important infrastructure
These towns support the workers who create much of our province's revenue.

I created the Sustainability Project as a means of providing supports to maintain these communities to grow and flourish. The people I've partnered with believe in the sustainability of our small towns as a vital part of the provincial economy. We believe:

1. Even the smallest community has value and the potential to create its own revenue.

2. Communities who create their own revenue have more choice in how they develop.

3. Our communities are important to the economic health and vitality of the larger province.

4. Supports can and should be tailored to the need.

5. Creativity and fun are an important part of the process.

6. That the people, non-profit organizations, business, both large and small, and government, both municipal, provincial and federal all have a role to play, and all are deserving of respect.


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