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Grant Supports All photos by Lia Loppe, Oxbow
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Asset Management

All photos by Lia Loppe, Oxbow

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Community Economic Development All photos by Lia Loppe, Oxbow, SK
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Strategic Planning All photos by Lia Loppe, Oxbow
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Community Engagement All photos by Lia Loppe, Oxbow, SK
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The Sustainability Project

We provide as needed supports to small population communities in Saskatchewan. From grant writing, to strategic planning, fundraising plans, asset management, policy updates, research and development or content writing, we offer help at reasonable rates.


We work to manage infrastructure projects to ensure clarity, and reduce risk through effective risk management .

Asset Management

Asset Management is a critical part of community development that goes beyond infrastructure. If you need help designing your asset management plan, call today! .

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“Lorri Matthewson has the exceptional ability to revitalize a community. She has the knowledge and skills to re-awaken a sense of pride and ownership in one's town. The expertise Lorri has gained through her experience as a Community Consultant are invaluable in bringing a fresh perspective and innovations for improving the quality of life of the residents. Lorri would be a valuable asset to any municipal team.

L. Gilroy
Administrator, Bienfait

Welcome to the Sustainability Project:

Small towns face many challenges. Working together we can provide solutions to many of these challenges. We believe that small town living is a lifestyle worth preserving and that we are important contributors to our provincial economy.

For the past century and a half (or so) up until the last five years, Councils' jobs didn't change much from generation to generation. Our parents and grandparents took their turns making decisions for the Town, balanced the budget and took care of the roads, water and sewer, taxation and infrastructure. Many made decisions without a lot of thought to a hundred years down the road, and with little warning about the challenges these communities would eventually face.

We need to work to sustain our communities, to help them in those areas where they are struggling.  In order for a community to thrive and grow it takes:

1. More money flowing in than out.
2. An engaged willing community.
3. A welcoming diverse community.
4. Infrastructure that is maintained and upgraded.
5. A variety of beautification efforts.
6. A strong volunteer component.
7. A progressive knowledgeable council that is transparent.
8. A community 'will' to provide supports for their community.
9. A diverse economy built upon local assets.
10. Housing that is accessible for all stages of income.

I developed the Sustainability Project as a means to provide supports as needed to small population communities in Saskatchewan to meet these objectives.

If you would like to know more information, please contact me at 306-575-8330.


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