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The Sustainability Project

We provide as needed supports to small population communities in Saskatchewan. From grant writing, to strategic planning, fundraising plans, asset management, policy updates, research and development or content writing, we offer help at reasonable rates.


We work to manage infrastructure projects to ensure clarity, and reduce risk through effective risk management .

Asset Management

Asset Management is a critical part of community development that goes beyond infrastructure. If you need help designing your asset management plan, call today! .

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“Lorri Matthewson has the exceptional ability to revitalize a community. She has the knowledge and skills to re-awaken a sense of pride and ownership in one's town. The expertise Lorri has gained through her experience as a Community Consultant are invaluable in bringing a fresh perspective and innovations for improving the quality of life of the residents. Lorri would be a valuable asset to any municipal team.

L. Gilroy
Administrator, Bienfait

Welcome to Solomon~Matthewson Consulting

Small towns provide the life support systems, the housing and amenities, and the jobs that support our provincial economy. However, we've created a situation where growth is necessary in order to create new money to pay for aging infrastructure. So, what do you do when you need revenue, but the population is staying the same? We innovate, we create, we manage. It is the way we've always done things, but in a different way. We look at ways of reducing costs, and increasing revenue. Building local jobs, and supporting local business, the way our grandparents did, but different.

Each community has its own positives, its own assets and its own possibilities. Each little town also has its own downsides, things that get in the way of real sustainability. We can help address those issues.

If you look into the census you will see the vast majority of small towns are NOT shrinking...many are more or less the same size as they have always been. Some have died, true, and some have experienced remarkable growth, but the majority of our communities stayed the same size. What is happening though, is that it costs more to replace infrastructure than it did to put it in, by millions of dollars. We are going to have to be creative in order to make the numbers work.

I can help. I provide:

Business Engagement and Support:
Supporting existing businesses on a one to one basis, and through community training and support for local entrepreneurs helps create jobs. The biggest percentage of economic development comes from people who already live and work in your community! We help you help them to expand and grow!

Community Engagement:
Councils and citizens working together are the key to sustainable communities. Connecting to the larger community, accessing resources that can help your local community, are so important. We can help bring the community together.

Asset Management:
Asset management goes beyond the legislated requirement, and beyond the pipes under the ground. Good asset management requires communities to know what needs to be fixed, to understand the costs, and to come up with a plan that includes how we are going to pay those costs. Good asset management is a key to communities who plan to provide services at an acceptable level of service, now and into the future. 

Arts and Cultural Supports:
Creative people do wonderful things for communities. The arts and cultural community creates thousands of jobs, provides tourism opportunities, and tend to be active volunteers. We help them find money, create partnerships, and hold events.

Employment Supports: 
Sometimes people just need a little help to become successfully employed. Supporting people who have issues finding and keeping employment are good for the whole community. For some, that means accessing a job bank and helping to write a resume. For others, it means supporting someone all the way through the process. Either way, increasing the number of employed people in your community helps the whole community.

Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement:
In our communities, volunteers take responsibility for our recreational and cultural activities, programs and in some cases our buildings. We need to work closely with our volunteers, appreciate them, and support them. Our communities depend on it.

Entrepreneurial Support:
Whether you are considering starting a business for the first time, or are interested in expanding, we can help. Business plans, feasibility studies, funding possibilities, are all part of creating a good economy for the community.

Project Coordination:
I specialize in providing supports to projects from inception to funding, to finalization. If you are looking for support to get your project off the ground give me a call.

We have resources, and we bring those resources together to help support you, where you are.



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