Asset Management Supports

Asset management is a critical part of sustainability, particularly in small population communities with very small tax bases.

Asset management is a process that starts with taking a look at those things the community owns, and figuring out how those assets are going to be maintained so that the community can continue to provide services into the future. Asset management goes beyond the infrastructure, water and sewer and roads, it also includes bricks and mortar buildings, green spaces, equipment, and processes.

We start by creating an inventory of where you are now, and determining what needs to be fixed, replaced, torn down, or upgraded. Then we make financial plans to do the work based on the needs of the community, and working within the budget, and we attach it to long term capital planning.

Without asset management planning, communities are forced to react to crisis, fixing things as they break. Without a long term asset management plan, communities risk running into repairs too expensive to be offset by volunteer fundraising. Without a good plan, chances of accessing funding through grants is greatly reduced.

Right now, FCM is offering grants to off-set the costs of Asset Management Planning. While no grant is guaranteed, it is a place to start.

For more information, call or text Lorri, at 306-575-8330