Where would be without the volunteer committees? They run our rinks, pools and facilities. They donate hours of labor, so many, that if our tax dollars had to be used to pay them, it would be difficult to know where the money would come from.

I offer supports to committees on an as-needed basis.

Committee Training:

If your regular meetings go more than one hour, this training is for you. I can help you to learn:
  • The role of the committee members
  • The role of the president and/or chair
  • A meeting process, which, if followed, can free up a lot of your evenings
Strategic Planning:

This will put the fire back under your committee and will help you to set sustainable, fund-able goals. Having a documented strategic plan helps protect committees against 'mission drift' and gives you a way to train new committee members to your existing plan.

Funding Plans:

If your committee is undertaking a big project, it is important to have a funding plan in place, and to learn what grants might be helpful to you. I can put you in touch with potential funds, or I can help you to write the grants. As you wish, as needed.

Grant Writing Support:
  I can help you to write your grants. I can teach you how to write a grant. The level of support is all up to you.