Council Training

For new and existing Council Members

Council are some of my favorite people. They come on board to do what they think is best for the community, and take all kinds of flack for doing it. Many times, they come on to Council with no real idea of what the expectations are, and there are many.

Process includes:
  • Review existing processes
  • Create a training manual specific to your community 
  • Provide training and supports on-site
  • Council is trained to their duties and responsibilities 
  • Meeting times significantly reduced
  • Expectations and limits of the Council position are clear
  • Community planning is carried through when Council members change
  • Efficient process that requires less than 20 hours of administrative time to develop and implement.
  • Flat rate makes budgeting possible.
  • $750.00 plus GST
  • Mileage @ .42 kilometer
  • One onsite meeting with the administration (2 hours)
  • Master training manual on flash drive that can be updated as needed
  • Three hard copies of the manual
  • On-site training (2 hours)
  • Email and Telephone support as needed (no charge)
DIY Version:

For those who think it is a good idea, but would rather build it yourself, I am happy to provide you with a do-it-yourself template that your staff can build in-house.

  • Email template with headings
Cost: $100.00 plus GST.