What is Supported Employment?

Supported employment is a series of services provided for people who have difficulty finding and keeping a job. Regardless of the issues an individual may face, providing the right services at the right time greatly enhances their ability to find work.

Supported employment, also known as supportive employment is a general term for these set of services.

What is your background in Supported Employment?

I started in Redvers, Saskatchewan in 1991. I had the opportunity to research and develop a supported employment for the people who attended the program at Redvers Activity Centre. The program was a success meaning several people were employed without the use of subsidy and is still running today.

Based on the success of that program, I was contracted to develop and operate a supported employment program for 5 activity centers in the region. It was there that I began the ongoing work of best practices research and development.

Since then, I made several presentations and wrote and delivered many different types of training, that were tweaked depending on the needs of the specific group. What has never changed is that the training I provide, is based on the human rights of the individuals we support, and with a deep respect for choices of the individual.

The trends are changing. There is a new focus on accountability and results from the agencies that provide supports, and an expectation that people who are being funded have positive outcomes. There is less tolerance for positions that are voluntary in nature, or in positions that rely on subsidies. The training I provide is intended to help agencies navigate the changing expectations, while providing services at a best practices level.

If you would like a resume, please email me at gems@sasktel.net