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A Rising Tide Lifts All The Boats...

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"The Rising Tide Lifts All the Boats" is a phrase made popular by JFK but was not original to him. The phrase is used most often by politicians to make the claim  that if one area in an economy is prosperous, then we can assume all people benefit. I don't think it is that simple. I think that in order to be beneficial, community economic plans need to be designed to deliberately improve the circumstances of all who live within that community. Good economic planning needs to inc... More...

10 Things Councils Can Do to Support Sustainability

Posted on ago

Introduction If you sit on a town, village or hamlet Council, it is important you understand that the decisions you make now, more than ever, will have a direct impact on whether or not your community is still around in the next 10 years. Gone are the days when you can just react to whatever thing is happening outside of your community limits. If your community is going to survive, and eventually thrive, it is time you started considering the following essentials when it comes to sustaining ... More...

Why Municipalities Should Work Together

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Small towns have so many things going for them in terms of quality of life, clean air and water, and relative safety. If you read anything I've written before, you will know that I am indeed a fan of all things small town--from community events that are unique to the community that developed them, to local newspapers, to community fundraisers,  to the availability of locally sourced food...yup, I'm a big, big fan. We could make it better, though, if communities worked together, and y... More...
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