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Weird things people believe about their local governments

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When I was doing research for my applied research paper (ARP) I researched the history of two communities, Manor, and Carlyle. I wanted to see why they developed so differently, but in doing so, learned so much more. People have always, always complained that their taxes were way too high. Always. In fact, several beliefs about local government seem to have emerged that I think contributes to the over all us and them attitudes that plague the municipal governments, and the main one is the cit... More...

Being a part of a community

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Every time I leave the house, I see people, and I wave and smile, and they wave and smile. Sometimes, there is a little conversation, a time to catch up, and I come home feeling a little happier, and a little bit a part of something. I think people need a little face to face contact with other people in their communities, and unless we build it in, we can go weeks without seeing anyone besides our own family, and immediate circle. That is why projects like walking paths, good sidewal... More...

A Neglected Asset?

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So, this morning I was bopping around the kitchen, making french toast, enjoying the morning off with the mister,  listening to classic rock on the radio. Smoke on the Water came on the radio, and before I know it, I'm dancing for real...full of joy!! Smoke on the, the first song I ever learned on dad's electric guitar. First song a lot of us learned on guitar I think. Dad didn't actually play, as far as I know, but the guitar was his. I have it now. I remember sitt... More...
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