Travelling is not nearly as fun as arriving

Posted on Friday February 17, 2017 at 07:02AM

Step one, drive to Saskatoon, step 2 fly to Edmonton, step 3, fly to Toronto....step 4, in another couple of hours, I'm off to St. Clara, Cuba. Man, what a day that turned out to be....I'm tired...I wish I knew why it was booked that way, but I swear for the sake of a little more money...I would have taken the more expensive more direct route rather than take more than 24 hours to get anywhere.To be fair, I do get to spend the next week in Cuba. I shouldn't complain, and I know it...but my back hurts, I haven't slept and I want a shower, and a tooth brush.

People watching is always good for a bit of amusement.  To my left, a waitress with a bright pink bandana is seriously pissed off because she only got a $5.00 card and 3 roses for Valentine's Day. You can hear her clear across the restaurant squealing in that extra loud voice people use when they want attention. 

Straight ahead is a blond lady with a little pink carry on, and a Saskatchewan tartar scarf looking around while she waits for her breakfast...slightly to my left are a couple in about their sixties...both on their phones, not looking at each other, or speaking to each other...each one looks mildly annoyed. Half the fun of people watching is making up the back story. I imagine they are continuing their earlier disagreement via text. Nothing like telling someone off in a public place without making a sound. :) That could all be in my head though, and probably is...I get odd when I haven't slept much. My mister would say I'm odd when I've slept a lot too.

Met a fella from out east while I was waiting to board to Toronto...he told me how when they had the ice storm he was pretty happy that they are self sufficient...he has his water set up so he has another source, has a wood stove to keep the house warm, and was prepared to weather out about 8 inches of ice cover. His wife and his daughters had other plans though and bailed on him and drove 45 minutes in an ice storm because they couldn't live without their internet. I couldn't imagine leaving a cozy fire for the internet, but then again, I've never been faced with a prolonged inability to access my online world. We'll see how that goes this week.

All of the hand-outs we have from CBU indicate that internet access is sketchy and expensive where we are going. Other than checking in with the mister when I get in, I'm not going to be online much at all in the next week. Maybe I'll be finding myself twitching in a corner somewhere without any real idea what to do with my hands when they are unoccupied, but I'm betting I'll be just fine.

The sun is coming up over the Toronto airport, looks to be a gorgeous day. Time to get my stuff together for the next leg. By 3:00 I'll be at the pool. Arriving is just around the corner!! YAY.

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