Nov 05

A Rising Tide Lifts All The Boats...

"The Rising Tide Lifts All the Boats" is a phrase made popular by JFK but was not original to him. The phrase is used most often by politicians to make the claim  that if one area in an economy is prosperous, then we can assume all people…

Sep 19

Leap and the Net Will Appear

For years now, I've been providing services quietly out of my home office in a spare bedroom of our home in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. It has been a good run, and I've enjoyed the work. Now, with the MBA almost (please let me get it done on time) finished,…

Aug 21

YAY Carlyle Fun Daze Committee

This past weekend, Carlyle had an event that was created by volunteers, funded by donation and provided at no cost to the community. Wowzers. It was a gift that showcased the good things about living in a small town. Add in some food trucks, some live…

Aug 16

10 Things You Need To Rebuild a Dying Town

It can be done. There are economical reasons why it should be done. There are lots of ways other communities are doing it. But, and its a big but (see what I did there?) a community cannot be saved if there is no "community" to rebuild. Community…

"We want to thank Lorri for helping our Community Development Committee work through a very difficult time. We were at a real crossroads and the time you spent with us gave us a clear direction. You were so professional and knowledgeable and the report you gave us set the direction to move forward. This is the first time we used a consultant and would not hesitate to contact you in the future."

- Judy Swanson, Chairman, Turtle Mountain Community Development Corp.