Mar 10

Are We Sustainable?

Last month I attended a conference in London, Ontario about sustainable communities. Since then, I've put a lot of thought into what sustainability means for our 'tiny towns'. These are my thoughts, I would love to hear yours: 1. Many of the people who…

Jan 28

Volunteer Recruitment 2015

Every where I go I hear how our volunteer bases are dwindling down to nothing. That is true to a point, except we need to consider that our populations in many cases are the same as they were twenty years ago, and in many others the population is actually…

Jan 07

Linked In?

I am just starting to get the value of "linked in". It is, as I understand it, a sort of a 'facebook' for those who are serious about business. There are rules...never would I post what I am making for supper on the linked in site...(but in…

Jan 01

Council One On One

The people who make up Council and Administration of a community have one of the toughest jobs going. Many people who live in the community count on Council to do things that are really the job of the whole community. They are kind of like a group of…

"Very thankful for Lorri and her help! The best thing from our visit is when she listened to all my ideas and then said, "So what can I do to help you with your dream?" And that means the world! (I) left our visit feeling informed about all Lorri has to offer to help with!"

- Nicole Turgeon