The Sustainability Project Nominates Ron Paul for Rural Community Leadership Award

Posted on Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 11:03AM


The Sustainability Project is proud to nominate long-time community volunteer and leader, Ron Paul for the Rural Community Leadership Award from the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism.  This award is given to an older adult who best exemplifies the qualities of leadership within a rural community - integrity, vision, dedication, and the respect of others; and, who regularly participates in establishing and supporting activities in rural Saskatchewan.

Ron Paul has lived in the Town of Carlyle for 36 years. He began his life as a community volunteer from a very young age cleaning fairgrounds and scraping ice for senior’s hockey in his hometown of Reston, MB.
As a small business owner of Carlyle Building Supplies Ron quickly became a Carlyle Chamber of Commerce Member assisting with many community events and fundraisers such as art auctions and several summer community festivals. Ron was an active advocate for community economic development in Carlyle.

Ron volunteered for the Western Retail Lumber Association, an organization that works with lumber wholesalers and retailers on educational programming. Ron was a director for 8 years with a service area from West Ontario to Vancouver Island and the Northern Territories. He was a founding member of the Prairie Showcase for lumber sales.

As a father and small-town hockey fan, Ron became a rink board member and played a crucial roll in upgrading and maintaining the rink. Ron helped the board achieve fundraising goals that would complete upgrades to the dressing rooms, replace the ice-plant, and purchase a new Zamboni. These significant improvements to our rink allowed countless families to enjoy small town hockey for decades to come.
In 1997 Ron ran for the municipal office of the Town of Carlyle. Serving as Councillor for 3 years and Mayor for 6 years. His time in municipal office laid the groundwork for a major lagoon, water system expansion, helped form the Bear Claw Community Development Corporation Community Grant Program and was Chairman of the Cemetery Board.

In 2005, Carlyle held its Centennial Homecoming event. Ron was chairman of the committee, organizing funding and activities including a town dance, fireworks, parade, local mural, creation of the centennial park, Carlyle's very own novelty license plate and the NWMP re-enactment ceremony of the Red Coat Trail.

Ron was an original member of the Carlyle Dickens' Festival. One of the few Charles Dickens-themed festivals in North America. The festival, held annually in December, has become part of Carlyle's identity and culture linking our town's namesake essayist Thomas Carlyle and his friendship to Charles Dickens. Main Street Carlyle is converted into Old England at Christmastime and townsfolk, and shop owners proudly decorate with evergreen, red bows, and Dicken's Era costumes. This festival has attracted upward of 3000 people annually to our community for the event. While no longer a member of the board, Ron continues to volunteer during the event.

Ron has spent 13 years on the board of directors of the Rusty Relics Museum in Carlyle. Converted from our old train station, the museum houses Carlyle's tourism office, station building, and house, machine yard, rail bunkhouse, caboose, and jigger. Ron has spent countless hours ensuring the museum, it's displays and structures are in top shape by actively fundraising and working tirelessly to organize volunteers and execute the repair, maintenance, and expansion projects. Ron can also be found in the kitchen, assembling a team, and serving volunteer lunches on behalf of the museum at various community events.

An active Lions member for 10 years Ron has assisted the group in their fundraising efforts that have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money given to community groups in Carlyle and Area. With the Lions, Ron has also assisted in major town development projects in the Lions park such as the campground and installation of camp sewer, water and electrical, new park washrooms and regular help to park maintenance.

With all of these things listed, it is clear to see that Ron Paul has made a tremendous impact on the community of Carlyle over the many years he and his family have lived here. We hope that we can hold on to him for many more.

Thank you Ron for all that you do in the community of Carlyle!

Author: Solomon Matthewson Consulting


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Ron & Lois both get my vote. They are extremely committed to the betterment out of community in so many ways, If they are not on a committee to organize an event, they are attending it or sitting in the stands cheering or applauding.. He has a easy convincing manner about him that makes others want to volunteer to help. Never pushy, always with real joy in his actions, he gets things done.Lois is a wonderful cook who shared her knowledge very willingly. They are just plain good people who have raised a family with the same goodness.

Posted on Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 03:39PM by Beth Corrigan

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