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Posted on Wednesday January 07, 2015 at 09:43AM

I am just starting to get the value of "linked in". It is, as I understand it, a sort of a 'facebook' for those who are serious about business. There are rules...never would I post what I am making for supper on the linked in site...(but in case you are curious I have a meaty soup bone simmering on the stove, and will set the bread to rise sometime after dinner...), but by joining the groups that interest me, I'm finding all kinds of reading material to help me in my business and reconnecting with others whom I hope to work with in the future.  I'll be posting resources once I get a handle on it.

On another note, I had such a great experience with a business called Heartland Graphics from Nipawin. I was looking for someone to do a logo (NOT my skill set), fired off an email and voila...inexpensive, to the point and finished. I'm going to be adding this company to my resource list for those of you who are interested in creating a brand, and becoming more 'ahem' professional in your approach. I'll be doing a lot more work with Chris in the future.

I went to my Lions Club Meeting last night...proud to be associated there, because even though I'm seldom home, they welcome what I am able to contribute and never make me feel bad about not attending every week. We are gearing up for the next Lion's Supper and Auction on March 5th in Carlyle. One of their volunteers did something so clever, I thought I would share it. Part of the Lion's Supper and Auction is to hit up all the businesses for donations of prizes etc. In order to facilitate that, a wonderful volunteer, Wayne Wilson, created a book for each member, alphabetically sorted with with the names of the businesses, who the contact person is, their email, phone number, and what they donated last year. Then the list was further sorted by den letter. We met after the meeting, and lo and behold...all left with our lists. What a great help to support the rest of us volunteers!! No wonder their fundraiser is such a huge success. I wish you all a Happy Wednesday...I have to run. Work to do, and lots of it. :)

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