7 Things Every Community Should Consider in Order to Develop

Posted on Thursday December 15, 2016 at 10:45AM

by Lorri Matthewson, Owner of Solomon~Matthewson Consulting (edited and published in SUMA's publication

When analyzing the assets of a community, a good developer along with Council and community, look at ways to support local business, bring in new business, support culture and recreation, increase tourism, and engage the community.  In order to help build a community, we need to work with the community to get a handle on their unique assets so that we can help support their growth by building on those unique assets.

Over the next several issues, it is my hope to provide relevant, practical information intended to address development issues that are common to many communities in Saskatchewan in these topic areas:

1. We need to start exploring partnerships.
In Saskatchewan, each community typically has a town council and at least one rural municipality (RM) Council. These are separate entities, with separate responsibilities, separate agendas, and separate decision makers. They seldom plan together.

We need to start working together, both Town and RM Councils and neighboring communities in those areas where it makes sense. For some communities partnering may be the only way to ensure their survival.

2. We need to actively engage our citizens in decision making.

Author: Solomon Matthewson Consulting


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