I truly believe that small town living offers the best quality of life. It is the people I think. The cleaner air, the community events, the way the community pulls together in a crises, the arts, the culture, the relative safety.

It is, I believe, a lifestyle worth preserving.

Small population communities are different from the larger ones, and we require different supports. We are not one size fits all, we have unique gifts and assets. Often what works in larger centres cannot work here. I started the Solomon Matthewson Consulting Company to provide supports tailored to small population communities. I meet you where you are to bring you the supports you need. 

We build on your unique attributes to help you build your best community.

""We have used Lorri's expertise in setting our Strategic Plan for three years now. Her insight and guidance is invaluable to us during this process, we highly recommend her.""

- Gail Daku, Administrator, Town of Kipling