Grant Writing:

Custom Supports within your budget. 

Ah, the things you could do if there were only the funding to do it. Before we go any further, We need to tell you that many municipalities who want to apply for grants are not able to do so, because they simply do not have enough background work or the matching funds budgeted to qualify. Nor do they have the staffing that are available for the somewhat lengthy process. Successful granting results as a combination of preparation meeting opportunity. However, for those that prepare, granting can be a reasonable way for a municipality to:

  • Supplement the culture and recreation budget
  • Provide supports to committees that are fundraising
  • Address infrastructure issues
  • Create beautification projects
  • Support social enterprise
The Sustainability Project offers a series of supports to help you with this.

Grant Writing for Beginners (The Workshop)

This workshop is intended for municipal staff who want to learn some of the most effective ways of generating support funds for community projects. Learners will leave the workshop knowing:

1. Where to find the money
2. The things you need to do to make your application interesting to funders
3. Common mistakes everyone makes
4. How to develop a funding plan based on your existing strategic plan
5. How to coordinate funding into your already busy schedule

Please see Training Events Calendar for scheduled events or call to book your own.

Community Quality of Life Survey and Funding Plan:

Every community is different; every community has different needs and different priorities. Cookie cutter plans simply do not work, instead those plans tend to live on a shelf and never get implemented. Typically the process works like this:

1. Initial meeting with Council and/or Administrator (kept to an hour)
2. Development of a logic model (a one page plan) to direct the work
3. The development and implementation of a Quality of Life Survey where Administration is supported to collect data
4. A Report based on the survey results including an executive summary and detail
5. 2nd meeting with Council to review the report and identify strategies
6. A research for applicable grants to support the strategies
7. A final report including the plan, the grants and a calendar of application deadlines.

Grant Writing Services: 

As time permits, we do take on grant writing for communities and committees. For a free consultation, call Lorri at 306-575-8330

""We have used Lorri's expertise in setting our Strategic Plan for three years now. Her insight and guidance is invaluable to us during this process, we highly recommend her.""

- Gail Daku, Administrator, Town of Kipling