How Old are Your Policies?

In some communities, policies are very old or do not exist in a meaningful way at all. The problem with that, is that policies become outdated, and leave Councils, businesses and organizations vulnerable when their policies do not match today's human rights codes and legislation.

We can help you to update your policy and procedure manual based on current legislation.

Rates can be negotiated based on a flat rate, or on an hourly rate.

Please call for more information.

PH: 306-575-8330

"Lorri Matthewson has the exceptional ability to revitalize a community. She has the knowledge and skills to re-awaken a sense of pride and ownership in one's town. The expertise Lorri has gained through her experience as a Community Consultant are invaluable in bringing a fresh perspective and innovations for improving the quality of life of the residents. Lorri would be a valuable asset to any municipal team."

- L. Gilroy Administrator, Beinfeit