How We Support Councils:

We recognize Councils can be leaders for their communities, and have a great deal of responsibility. Administrators are often the first point of contact for community, and for those who offer programs and services. The demands on both Council and Administration are increasing. To help support Councils we offer the following services, and are of course open to developing other supports as needed.
  • Council Training
  • Project Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Funding Plans
  • Economic Development Personnel Mentoring
  • Emergency Plans
  • Community Engagement Plans
  • Community Economic Development Plans
  • Support to Create Formalized Partnerships
  • Policy and Procedure Updates
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Operations Manual
  • Administrative Support
If you have any interest in any of these things, or any questions, please just call or text at 306-575-8330. We would be happy to give you a free quote and provide you with references.
"Lorri Matthewson has the exceptional ability to revitalize a community. She has the knowledge and skills to re-awaken a sense of pride and ownership in one's town. The expertise Lorri has gained through her experience as a Community Consultant are invaluable in bringing a fresh perspective and innovations for improving the quality of life of the residents. Lorri would be a valuable asset to any municipal team."

- L. Gilroy Administrator, Beinfeit