I truly believe that small town Saskatchewan offers the best quality of life in the whole world. It is the people I think. The cleaner air, the community events, the way the community pulls together in a crises, the arts, the culture, the relative safety. Sure it is not perfect, and a dedicated nay-sayer could point out the holes in all those examples, but for the most part, we have the best of all possible worlds out here on this so called "bald flat prairie".

It is, I believe, a lifestyle worth preserving.

For the past century and a half (or so) up until the last five years, Councils' jobs didn't change much from generation to generation. Local folks took their turns making decisions for the Town, balanced the budget and took care of the roads, water and sewer, taxation and infrastructure. Many made decisions without a lot of thought to a hundred years down the road, and most of the time that worked. It is not working anymore.

Saskatchewan is transitioning in a way that hasn't happened before, and Councils, both RM and Towns are dealing with issues as a result.  I can help you to:

1. Project Coordination--whether you want to implement your Official Community Plan, build something wonderful, or learn how to become a sustainable community, lets start with a conversation and see if there are ways we can work together.

2. Committee supports and training--with so much in Saskatchewan relying on the work of volunteers to maintain our facilities and activities, it becomes very important to support and acknowledge that community donation. I am happy to speak with communities about their volunteer sector and to help your community develop a plan to support your volunteers.

4. Community engagement plans--somewhere in there, a gap formed between the people who live in town and people on Council. Community engagement is a first step for those communities looking to sustain in the new economy.

5. Lagoon, water, and other infrastructure issues are overwhelming some committees--and it is no wonder. It is so important for communities now to plan for their infrastructure needs.

6. Implementing your Official Community Plan moves that essential document to a practice that will help your community sustain and thrive. I can help.